7 Mesmerizing Beaches Near Thrissur One Must Visit To Enjoy A Tropical Vibe In Kerala!

7 mesmerizing beaches near thrissur one must visit to enjoy a tropical vibe in kerala

Thrissur is not only famous across the globe for the popular Pooram festival, but it is one of the most ancient cities in Kerala that is located at a distance of 58 Km from the Kochi international airport. This city has seen several ups and downs, countless rulers throughout thousands of years. Thrissur not only the capital of the Chera Army, but it was the city where Kochi was founded. It was also a center for scholars and educationists during the time of Zamorin. Several Namboothiri families made the city a center of Ayurveda and Vedas.But beyond that there is one other reason to visit Thrissur. It is the beautiful beaches which are located in the vicinity. To enjoy a tropical vacation, here are the 7 best beaches near Thrissur one must definitely visit.

7 Beaches Near Thrissur

The following beaches are not only beautiful, but they are quite secluded as well. In this blog, you will get to learn about the beaches in Thrissur that are not only mesmerizing but quite popular among the tourists as well.

1. Periyambalam Beach

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