9 Surprising Ingredients in Famous Foods

9 surprising ingredients in famous foods

Disclaimer: disgust, revelations and (hopefully) a few laughs ahead.

Roohafza has fruit juice, but also… spinach

We are not sure how they pulled it off, but the rose-flavoured syrup also features flowers like lotus and European white lily, pineapple, roots like vetiver, and veggies like carrot. The concentrated, ruby-red squash has been sold in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh by Hamdard Labs for decades. The recipe, formulated in Ghaziabad in 1906, seems unchanged for over a century.

Bug secretions coat many famous candy

What you might read as ‘confectioner’s glaze’ on wrappers is actually food-grade shellac. It’s a resin secreted by the female lac bug, a denizen of tropical forests. Shellac is used to give candy, coffee beans, fruit and chewing gum their hard, shiny look. It’s generally deemed safe for consumption, but since it’s an animal product, vegans might want to stay away. If you hog on sweet treats, read the label when purchasing candy corn, certain jelly beans, Hershey’s Milk Duds and Whoppers, and candy made by Godiva. Shellac may also be marked as ‘pure food glaze’ or ‘natural glaze’ or ‘confectioner’s resin’.

McDonald’s USA uses beef flavour in its fries

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