A new Harry Potter-themed park being planned in Tokyo


It is a known fact that Potterheads are scattered all over the world. And despite the fact that the characters in the books (and films) have completed their arc, fans still wait for something new on them, just so they can get back to the world of magic! More often than not, they revisit old plots and immerse themselves in the elaborate world created by author JK Rowling.

And now, to get fans more excited, Warner Bros. Studio has announced their plans to develop a new Harry Potter-themed park in Tokyo, Japan. According to news reports, the announcement was made in the form of an official press release, which stated the theme park will open to tourists in the first half of 2023. It is said that big names like Warner Bros. Studio Tours, Seibu Railway Co, Warner Bros. Japan, Fuyo General Lease Co, and Itochu Corporation, have come together to develop ‘Studio Tour Tokyo’.

Just like other such theme parts around the world, this one will also have everything Harry Potter and will make you feel as though you have entered the world of witches and wizards. The once-in-a-lifetime experience will also take them on a fascinating journey, giving them a peek of the behind-the-scenes of the Wizarding World series.

A Kyodo News report states that Toshimaen, a 94-year-old amusement park in Tokyo, has been closed and the theme park will be constructed in its place. The park will be modeled like the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, per news reports.

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