A stunning villa in Greece could be your office for 30 days!


Among the many new trends that were seen this year, was one about digital nomads working remotely from different parts of the world. As travel restrictions were imposed and most countries stayed in lockdown mode for the large part of the year, people had to work from home, and the boredom associated it with made many countries and tourist hotspots open their doors once again for people looking for a change of scene while meeting deadlines. Of course, there have been many protocols in place, including getting a test done so as to ensure a person is not infected and does not, therefore, risk transmission to the local populace either.

And of the many places in the world you can work remotely from, it has now been learnt that a luxurious villa in Greece is on offer. According to news reports, CV Villas in Corfu, Greece has made the announcement about a competition, wherein one lucky pair will get to spend a month in the villa absolutely free!

According to this social media post, the team is looking for two persons who are suffering from connectivity issues and work-from-home set-ups. The chosen two will be treated with luxury and an amazing Wi-Fi connection, and in addition to the free stay, the company will also pay for their flights from the Gatwick Airport in the UK.

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