A village in Italy is giving away houses for free!


Once again, in a bid to fight depopulation, a village in Italy is giving away homes for free.  According to a report in The Independent, Castropignano, a hill-top community located in the southern Italian region of Molise, is home to just 923 inhabitants and a 14th-century castle. It notified in a public statement that it is hoping to “fight depopulation in the region by offering up its abandoned properties”.

In fact, the owners of these houses have expressed their consent to sell them “free of charge (or for a nominal fee)”. Even the “nominal fee” has been set at just €1 (INR 88), like many of the other villages and towns in the country.

The idea is to achieve four things: “recovery and development of the historic centre of Castropignano and the hamlet of Roccaspromonte, where some of the buildings have become dangerously dilapidated; revitalisation of the town centre; contribution towards the economic growth of the country; and help for socio-cultural integration,” per the report.

But in order to take ownership of these properties, some specific criteria have to be met.

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* The private buyers can be Italian, EU or non-EU citizens, but businesses are also welcome to apply, so long as they are registered with the Italian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts; are compliant with social security and welfare contributions; are not subject to bankruptcy procedures.

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