All About the New SOCIAL Restaurants


It’s no secret that the pandemic has deeply affected the hospitality industry. With more questions than answers, the industry seemed to have lost its balance for a while. But the industry has proven to be resilient, braving the pandemic and coming up with the most innovative ideas and techniques. For instance, did you hear about India’s first COVID-response restaurant? The brain behind the same is someone who’s always been innovating and has kept the industry on its toes with his concepts and ideas—Riyaaz Amlani. The CEO & MD of Impresario Handmade Restaurants—famed for the chain of SOCIAL spaces—has introduced SOCIAL with Distancing. 

Bio bubbles, collapsible shutters, stacking eating posts one above the other, all of these elements can be seen at the newly opened SOCIAL outlets in Thane and Dwarka in Delhi-NCR. And it sure has turned heads in the industry. 

We caught up with the man himself, socially distant of course, to know all about his latest offering:

Tell us about the design thinking behind the new SOCIAL outlets in Thane and Dwarka.Launched in October 2020, Dwarka SOCIAL is India’s very first COVID Response Ready Restaurant. It is a blend of three ideologies that seamlessly come together to make this a reality: the streets and alleyway shops of Vietnam that have inspired the design, the intricate lattice arrangement of Dwarka’s various sectors, and a world that’s ready for the ‘new normal’. The space has been planned and designed in such a way that it is primed to promote social distancing in the best possible way.

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