Author Jennie Fields Writes A Love Letter To Chicago

author jennie fields writes a love letter to chicago

Jennie Fields with her new novel, “Atomic Love.”

Jennie Fields

A good book has the ability to transport you far away — to places where you get to meet different people, learn about different cultures and explore different time periods.

When you think about it, reading is basically traveling. Even if you never leave your couch.

During the pandemic, when reading is the only travel that’s 100% safe, a good book is more treasured than ever.

Luckily, Jennie Fields has just released a really good book. Atomic Love is a story of female empowerment, of love and espionage – and science! – set in 1950s Chicago. It focuses on Roz, a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project but was fired because of her relationship with her colleague, Thomas Weaver. Roz is working behind the jewelry counter of a department store when Weaver suddenly comes back into her life. She also gets a visit from an FBI agent, Charlie Szydlo, who asks her to help find out if Wheeler is actually a spy.

Filled with history and characters you’ll care about, Atomic Love is a book to get lost in, and the Windy City plays a starring role. In fact, maybe the tourism board should start thinking about setting up an Atomic Love tour.

I reached out to Jennie Fields to talk about Chicago and its place in her novel.

First of all, congratulations on another great book. I think I finished it in two days because I couldn’t wait to see what happened. Give us the background! I know your mother was a scientist – how did that influence the idea to write Atomic Love? How do you think she would feel to read about such an empowering woman with whom she shared a profession?

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