Cecil-Wright Is Guiding Clients Through Its Boutique Yacht Collection With VR And AR

cecil wright is guiding clients through its boutique yacht collection with vr and ar

Cecil-Wright is a boutique yacht brokerage Stuart Pearce

Chris Cecil-Wright runs a boutique yacht brokerage. With over 25 years’ experience buying, selling and building large vessels, he set up Cecil-Wright in 2013 as a specialist firm to look after a small and select group of customers. The business model is anchored on building personal relationships with each client – be it small charters or superyachts. I caught up with the company founder to see how the pandemic has impacted on his business and to get a feel for future trends within the yacht industry.

Nargess Banks: Yours is a business built on nurturing a close relationship with your clients. How would you describe your approach?

Chris Cecil-Wright: I like to take the time to really get to know a new client. When you have a good relationship with someone you absorb their idea of value, size, quality and any other important drivers they might have. Most importantly, you’re able to be frank. This is why we look after a small number of customers.

And does this also apply to the yachts in your portfolio?

This is much the same with the yachts we represent. In order to provide a serious level of deep knowledge we have to specialize. The market is now too big to know everything about every yacht, so we have chosen the northern European sector with a particular passion for the yacht builders Feadship.

For boats under construction AR is extremely important Stuart Pearce

How have technologies like 3D scanning and virtual reality helped navigate your customers around their commissioned vessels during the pandemic restrictions?

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