Christmas joy as Ireland slashes quarantine for ‘red zone’ British arrivals

christmas joy as ireland slashes quarantine for red zone british arrivals

Ireland has confirmed that arrivals from the UK will be allowed to enter the country this Christmas and may even be able to skip 14 days of quarantine in favour of a much shorter stint. The latest update sees the country slashing the need for a lengthy self-isolation period if travellers can provide negative COVID-19 tests on arrival.

Ireland has been using a “traffic light” system since October, which categorised counties based on their “risk”.

Risk is determined by the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in each nation.

Currently, the UK falls into the red zone.

Previously, this mean arrivals must quarantine for 14 days, however, the good news is this is set to change in time for the Christmas period.

Arrivals from the UK are now able to reduce their quarantine period to five days if they can prove they do not have the virus.

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“And of course red zone lists currently include the #UK – so if local restrictions allow, you would be able to visit relatives and friends in #Ireland but quarantine for 5 days + test before seeing them.”

He also hinted that this rule could be utilised in the UK in the coming months.

He added: “Likely that #UK will be similar in December.”

A statement by the Irish government stated: “The Government has agreed a range of measures for the purposes of aligning arrangements for international travel with the EU ‘traffic light’ approach, categorising regions according to the effectiveness of controls over COVID 19.”

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