Custom Line Signals A New Era Of Design With The New Triple-Deck Navetta 30

Custom Line Signals A New Era Of Design With The New Triple-Deck Navetta 30

The top deck of the triple-deck Navetta 30 Custom Line

At just under 30 metres, the Navetta 30 may be the smallest of Custom Line’s Navetta line but she’s arguably the most intriguing. For a yacht of her length, Navetta 30 features an impressive amount of usable space – her wide-body configuration allowing three surprisingly roomy decks. But it’s not just her proportions that make her unique. In a first-time collaboration, Italian architecture and design firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel has teamed up with Italian architectural designer Filippo Salvetti to create this fully Italian yacht for Custom Line. The interiors and exteriors come together to create a seamless design flow revolving around light, the relationship with the ocean and customizable living, with a beautiful attention-to-detail usually only seen on a much larger yacht.

Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel Settimo Benedusi

The Navetta 30 is a little out of the ordinary for Custom Line, being more “sporty and agile” than previous models, says the yacht’s chief interior designer Patricia Viel. “The amount of available space for guests is really unusual but you can really feel that the whole unit has been designed as one,” she adds. “The spaces and the levels are very fluid. It’s the kind of approach that you could have for a smaller yacht but, in this case, you have a tri-deck.”

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