Double Your Pleasure With A Four-Hand Massage At Casa De Campo

double your pleasure with a four hand massage at casa de campo

A couples massage is one of many pleasures you can experience at the spa at Casa de Campo in the … [+] Dominican Republic. Casa de Campo

I came, I saw, I had a two-therapist massage.

This delightful, fun-filled experience happened at Casa de Campo, a AAA four-star luxury resort in the Dominican Republic. The haute hotel, situated on 7,000 acres, exudes silken service and cashmere care, and is an ideal escape, especially when you factor in the spa.

I experienced – and highly recommend – the Yamoca massage ($258 for 50 minutes), in which therapists Doris and Yesenia proffered upon me continuous caresses and sybaritic simultaneousness. Have you ever had a four-hand-massage? In my humble opinion, it’s a ultimate luxury that’s twice as nice as a plain ‘ol Swedish. Both sides of your achin’ bacon are stroked at one time, making it so easy to be Zen and in-the -moment. Perhaps the best part was having one therapist perform reflexology on my feet, at the same the second therapist massaged my head, neck and shoulders. I emerged from this feeling so much like jelly I was officially Smucker’s – it’s one of the best massages I’ve ever had.

The spa also offers other indulgent ways to have fun, including the $66 head, neck and shoulder massage, a $60 mini facial for kids (only available later on, after COVID), and $154 reflexology – among many other posh pamperings. The spa also has a labryinth where you can walk away all your worries, and yoga classes, providing excellent amusement.   A salon is next door, for more gorgeous gratification.

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