Everything You Need to Know About Vacation Insurance—Especially Amid COVID-19

everything you need to know about vacation insurance especially amid covid 19

With airlines’ change fees and cancellation policies in flux, the list of countries reopening to Americans shifting, and most unfortunately, coronavirus numbers rising across the U.S., looking into vacation insurance has become a prescient step on the road to booking travel. As a result of COVID-19, travel plans have simply never been more subject to change, and those changes are often out of our control. Being prepared, by making refundable bookings and ensuring that your medical insurance covers you abroad is just one pragmatic step travelers can take right now. For those wondering about vacation insurance, and how it helps reimburse you when canceling bookings and cover you medically when traveling, we’ve talked to travel insurance experts to give you all the details. 

What Is Vacation Insurance?
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It’s an insurance plan you buy, much like you’d buy monthly car insurance or take out an insurance policy to cover an engagement ring. The benefit of travel insurance is two-fold: your vacation bookings (lodging, flights, etc.) are protected, but your policy can also cover your medical expenses overseas. So, in addition to getting your money back if you need to cancel your trip at the last minute, travel insurance can also help with medical treatment on the ground when you’re traveling abroad. Vacation insurance might also help you replace your passports if they’ve been stolen in a foreign country, provide translation services at a hospital, or cover the cost of your suitcase being lost. 

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