Experience Flyboarding In Goa For An Adventurous Getaway On Your Next Vacation!


Goa is the first choice for travelers who love beaches and like to enjoy memorable moments at exotic locations, spend some wonderful time with family and friends, and enjoy the outdoor activities. Not only can you laze on the beach while basking under the warm sun, but you can also enjoy a variety of water sports in Goa such as scuba diving, parasailing, water skiing, swimming, flyboarding, and banana tube boat ride.Flyboarding in Goa was started in 2012 and the sport allows people across generations to feel thrilled and excited as they literally fly on the water! Without much further ado, let us look at the guide on Flyboarding and you will know why it attracts so many tourists!

What Is Flyboarding?

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Flyboarding is a water sport activity in Goa and other parts of the world wherein you get a chance to fly through the waves of the sea with the help of flying boards which are connected to a jet ski.Flyboarding is carried out with the help of two types of equipment – the flyboard and the personal watercraft. The flyboard is strapped to the feet of the person and is connected to the personal watercraft by a hose tied up on the flyboard. As you are suspended to the water, you can safely ride your flyboard on water similar to the way you skate on the ground. The sport is really fun and exciting and gives you an enthralling experience to fly in the air and get an aerial view of the sea. This sport truly invites you to lose all your inhibitions and fly high!

Best Time/Season For Flyboarding In Goa

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