Family holidays in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most iconic tourist cities in the world, but how does it shape up as an experience for families and children? To make a vacation in Dubrovnik a relaxing experience the whole family will enjoy and remember, engage in fun activities in a variety of locations during your visit to Dubrovnik. We promise that the effort is worth it, and here are our recommendations!

Feel the buzz of the Old Town

Children in Dubrovnik will have a lot of fun roaming around the streets, towers, walls, and fortresses of the city. Stroll down the central and most charming street of Old City, Stradun, which has been connecting the eastern and western gates of the city since the 11th century. Enjoy the history, the architecture, the social buzz, or gelato in the heart of Dubrovnik. We suggest a return early in the morning or late in the afternoon to prevent traffic.

Surrounding the historic heart of the city, the city walls are one of the most iconic sights of Dubrovnik stretching over 1940 meters and providing spectacular views of the famous red roofs as well as the sea. Rolling through the city walls can be a unique activity for youngsters, with many fortresses, bastions, and towers to be found. Needless to mention, this adventure provides a variety of places for catching remarkable moments in wonderful photos.

Explore Dubrovnik’s museums

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