Google Maps Street View: Man caught looking at woman’s half naked bottom on Thai beach

google maps street view man caught looking at womans half naked bottom on thai beach

On a beach in Thailand, a shocking moment caught the attention of a Google Maps user who had been scouring the streets of the popular resort of Phuket. The three-dimensional tool is frequently used to help map out directions or simply to explore global destinations.

However, much like in this case, it can also reveal some less expected moments along the way.

The scene unfolds in the greenery close to the sandy shores of a bustling beach.

A couple appears to be in a rather cheeky situation, only partially hidden from the view of their fellow beachgoers by the surrounding shrubbery and palm trees.

A woman, dressed in a long-sleeved black top and black cropped trousers is turned to face away from her gentleman counterpart.

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The woman is turned away from the ban, her back to him.

She appears to be pulling down her pants, exposing the top half of her bare bottom to the man.

He is then holding what appears to be a hose down there, spraying water.

Of course, as odd as it may look at first glance, there is likely a simple and rather understandable explanation.

They wrote: “He was doing a good service helping her out there”.

This is not the first time a couple has been caught in what appears to be an intimate situation.

A similar moment was spotted on a beach Mexico in a passionate embrace on the sand.

However, users soon discovered this was actually part of a photoshoot – perhaps for a wedding or engagement.

The woman has dressed in a long white gown, meanwhile, the man wears a black shirt and trousers with a fedora.

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