Google Maps: Traumatic aftermath of plane crash captured by Google’s satellite

google maps traumatic aftermath of plane crash captured by googles satellite

Google Maps is typically used to help with geographical locations and directions. However, every now and then the online tool shows something rather unexpected.

Surrounding the scene is an array of debris and what appears to be passenger luggage – presumably thrown from the hold upon impact.

Emergency vehicles line the area.

The shocked Google Maps user posted a screengrab of the aerial image, simply stating: “Crashed aeroplane on Google Maps.”

It soon caught the attention of other users who chimed in to determine what exactly could have happened.

However, it seems all of the Reddit commenters were wrong.

Though the crash was perhaps not as worrying as it may first appear, it was not an emergency training practice.

Instead, a blogger from “GoogleMapsManina” revealed that the moment was, in fact, from a television series.

The NBC show Trauma was filmed in 2009 and depicted the moment an aircraft crashed upon landing.

It was discovered that this crash was actually a set for the television drama.

“They use the old Navy base in Alameda for all sorts of TV shows and movies,” commented a Reddit user following the revelation.

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