Green tea strawberry dessert sandwiches: Today’s reason Japanese convenience stores are awesome

green tea strawberry dessert sandwiches todays reason japanese convenience stores are awesome

One of the things that makes Japanese convenience stores so awesome is the huge variety of tasty foods they stock. Whether you’re after onigiri rice balls, bento boxed lunches, pre-made pasta dishes, or all sorts of candies and chips, your local conbini (as convenience stores are called in Japanese) is standing by ready to fills your needs and stomach.

That variety isn’t static either. Convenience stores are constantly refreshing their product lineups, often cycling in seasonal favorites.

For example, with strawberries being particularly prized in winter in Japan, this week convenience store chain Lawson added the Strawberry Custard Sandwich (pictured above) to its sandwich shelf. A chilled dessert sandwich, it looks plenty tempting on its own, but we imagine a lot of customers are going to be reaching right past it to instead grab one of these absolutely mouth-watering Matcha Green Tea Bread Strawberry Milk Sandwiches.

Made with green tea powder from leaves grown in the town of Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan’s most respected matcha-producing community, the green tea strawberry sandwich is a comprehensive culinary pleasure concept designed to stimulate an array of taste receptors. The rich flavor of the fluffy bread gets a boost of sophisticate gentle bitterness from the matcha, the sliced strawberries contribute a touch of tartness along with their fruity sweet notes, and the filling of cream and condensed provides their own straightforward decadent sweetness.

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