Have You Heard of this Stunning Hill-Top Spot in Kerala?

have you heard of this stunning hill top spot in kerala

Nestled in Ernakulam’s Elanji Panchayat, Kerala’s latest addition is soon going to become a vacay hotspot.

Koorumala, bedecked with sprawling grasslands, and shrouded with fog, deviates from the humdrum of the state, and offers a panoramic view of low-lying areas, a succession of towns, and extensive hill-ranges.

Dubbed as the second-tallest peak in Ernakulam district, the hill-spot comprises a watch-tower, a mandap-styled structure, and a walkway, and is deemed an ideal location for trekking/hiking.

According to an official, “The place is a mirror image of the state’s hill ranges. Koorumala is one of the highest spots in the district. In the months of December and January and even during the monsoon, the hill turns into a magical place.”

“The misty mornings and evenings is a tourist magnet,” he continued, “People used to come here in sizeable numbers for trekking, enjoy the cool breeze and camp in the open and to relish the clear night skies.”

Part of a tourism project worth 50 lakhs, the hill-top has been equipped with a number of amenities, and is ready to welcome tourists.

Want to know more on click here go to tour news source.

Want to know more on click here go to tour news source.

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