Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Gifts For Road Trippers

holiday gift guide 2020 the best gifts for road trippers

Driving through the countryside on a slow travel adventure.

Wendy Altschuler

There’s something about wandering from town to town, letting miles of white and yellow lines on the highway blur, that allures travelers to get behind the wheel and explore at a leisurelier pace. Many folks enjoy an annual road trip, whether it’s in the family minivan, a souped-up RV, or a two-seater convertible. For those in your inner circle that spend their vacation days rolling from place to place, enjoying the bliss of slower travel, here are the best gifts to surprise them with (or purchase for yourself) this holiday season.

Be Comfortable

A versatile slip-on shoe from Sanuk, ideal for a road trip.

Sanuk, DonnaSustainasole

First of all, it’s important to wear shoes that are nonrestrictive, comfy, and breathable when road tripping. Sanuk’s Donna SustainaSole slip-on shoes, made with recycled materials, are eco-friendly, hand-stitched and ideal for car travel—whether you’re driving or riding shotgun.

See Everything

Binoculars are a road trip essential.

Nocs Provisions

Many travelers are motivated to take a road trip because of the ability to stop and go at will. And, should you want to pull over to get a closer look at a bird of prey or an ear-twitching deer in a meadow, you’ll need a handy pair of binoculars. The packable Nocs Provisions, which come with a life-time warranty, are fog proof and watertight—stow them in the glovebox, within easy reach, to use when you fancy.


Protect your Noggin

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