Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Gifts For Traveling Safely During The Time Of Covid-19

holiday gift guide 2020 the best gifts for traveling safely during the time of covid 19

The best gifts you can give travelers this holiday season are items that will reduce their risk of … [+] contracting coronavirus.

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The holidays will look very different this year and so will the gifts. In fact, the most important – and welcome – gifts you can give travelers right now are items that will reduce their risk of contracting Covid-19.

None of them are a substitute for masks and hand washing but they’re all excellent additions.

You may want to get these gifts to them early so they can put them to good use if they’re planning to visit family or friends—or you—for the holidays. You may even want to buy some of them for your own travels—even if your only trips are to the grocery store.

Top It Cake Shield

The Top It cake shield makes it safe to blow out birthday candles without spreading germs.

Top It

Okay, this won’t keep you safe while traveling but it will definitely keep you safe if you’re traveling to a birthday party. By shielding the cake, Top It protects partygoers when the guest of honor blows out their candles – which, you’ll be horrified to learn, increases the amount of germs spread by a whopping 1400%! This simple yet brilliant item was invented by a doctor, and allows for a colorful, healthy and happy birthday even during the pandemic. It comes in three different shapes/sizes and is worth a celebration in itself. Price: From $4.99


The Restroom Kit

The Restroom Kit is a must when you’re on the go and you’ve got to go.

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