Holidays: Gibraltar tourists told to avoid touching iconic monkeys amid Denmark mink scare

holidays gibraltar tourists told to avoid touching iconic monkeys amid denmark mink scare

Britons have very few options when it comes to finding a European holiday destination. While the travel corridor list has plenty of options, many countries are now imposing stringent entry requirements. Gibraltar is currently on the travel corridor list and is allowing incoming travellers with valid travel documents into the territory via the Gibraltar International Airport.

Those who have been to a “relevant area” (which doesn’t include the UK) in the past 14 days are required to tell the Gibraltar Borders and Coastguard Agency or Gibraltar Port Authority.

The Rock is known for its Barbary macaques which are a popular tourist attraction.

However, Gibraltar banned humans from touching the monkeys to protect them from catching coronavirus this summer.

A statement issued by the government of Gibraltar said: “Interference with Barbary macaques has always been seen as detrimental to them, and the official line has for years been to discourage visitors from touching or otherwise interfering with macaque natural behaviour.

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Now, patrols have been stepped up to ensure that the rules are followed and the monkeys are not touched by humans.

A spokesman from the Environmental Department said that there are now concerns the macaques are vulnerable to the virus, and that mutant strains of the virus could jump back into humans were the macaques to be infected.

Recently, a mutated version of coronavirus in mink was discovered in Denmark.

In response to the outbreak, which spread to some local communities within the country, the government has banned visitors from Denmark entering the UK.

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