In Brazil, Santas are scuba-diving with sharks to help kids understand animals, oceans


Have you ever seen a Santa scuba-dive? Well, if you were in Brazil right now, you would have. While the affable fictional figure — commonly associated with the celebration of Christmas, and also addressed as ‘Saint Nicholas’ and ‘Father Christmas’ — is known to travel around the world on his reindeer-driven sleigh to reward kids who have been nice all year, in Brazil’s AquaRio, which is South America’s largest aquarium, Santa is taking a plunge seven metres below the water.

According to a report in The National, this is an attempt to bring festive cheer to visitors. Dressed as Santa, the staff members of AquaRio will dive into a large tank every day until Christmas this year. And once inside the aquarium’s Oceanic Enclosure, the Santa divers will feed the sharks, clean the tank and swim with the fish. The report mentions that this stunt has been designed to raise awareness about marine life, especially this festive season and during the pandemic year, when so much has happened and nature has reclaimed its space. This initiative shines light on the importance of protecting marine life.

According to the outlet, the tank inside the Marine Aquarium in Rio de Janeiro is home to countless manta rays, stingrays, fish and sharks, and contains more than 3.5 million litres of water.

Additionally, guests do not have to worry about their safety in the pandemic, because the entire activity is socially-distanced for children, for them to enjoy the uniqueness of the festivity. In fact, a thick glass undersea tunnel has been built for visitors — it is, therefore, safe for them to get close to the Santas and still maintain a safe distance.

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