Indian Travellers Big on Avoiding Crowds, says Recent Study

indian travellers big on avoiding crowds says recent study

Remember how in Stage 4 of Himachal Pradesh’s Unlock, tourists had trooped in and left heaps of trash like earlier? Well, that sort of a thing may see a fall, if a recent study is to be believed. Or at least travellers intend not to repeat it. reports that 7 out of 10 Indians around the world want to travel more sustainably in the future.

That’s not it. Close to 8 out of Indians are even realistic about it—they expect the industry to offer a greater number of options when it comes to sustainable travel. This could translate into a surge in companies curating community experiences, plogging tour organisers and setups helping the growth of local homestays and start-ups.

Off-season travel is nothing unheard of—it has always been a hack for backpackers and travellers looking to get away from the crowds and explore a destination in peace. However, it doesn’t always work out since the primary attraction of a lot of places—snowfall in Kashmir, the cherry blossom season in north-eastern India and in Japan, not to forget music and literary festivals—lies in the peak season. With the pandemic not leaving too much choice for travel lovers either at least for the immediate future, it comes as a surprise that 76% of the respondents in the survey would skip destinations seeing tourist rush.

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