Indian travellers now keen to book places from where they can work remotely, survey reveals


Ever since the pandemic started, most working professional in India turned to work-from-home to meet their deadlines. While initially it required some effort to acclimatize to the situation, now many people have grown so accustomed, they are reluctant to get back to offices, especially since the risk of infection is still there. A new survey by — a digital travel company — has now revealed that 63 per cent of Indian travellers are willing to quarantine in destinations, as long as they can work remotely.

Indian travellers are second after Thailand, where 69 per cent of office goers felt the same. Travel platforms and places will prioritize showcasing home-office necessities and Wi-Fi speed, in an attempt to attract this new wave of digital nomads. Likewise, the world of corporate travel will see increasing demand for privacy, cleanliness and longer stays among those travelling for business, requiring alternative accommodations to up their ‘work-friendly’ game, the survey mentioned.

Work and play

Now that people have the freedom to work from wherever they want, 2021 could witness a significant rise in travellers looking to take longer trips that combine work and leisure. As many as 63 per cent of Indian travellers said they would take the opportunity to extend any business trip so they can pack some leisure time as well. Many are also likely to add a week or two to their holiday in order to work remotely.

Accommodation must-haves

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