Internet stunned by vintage Ansett menu

internet stunned by vintage ansett menu

It’s been a long time since many of us have been on a flight but it’s been a much longer time since anyone’s seen an in-flight menu like this.

A person on Reddit has shared a picture of a 1970s-era drinks menu from defunct carrier Ansett Australia, which offered cans of beer for 30 cents, Coke for 10 cents, and packets of cigarettes for a jaw-dropping price of 45 cents.

It also sold miniature bottles of imported whiskey for 45 cents (35 cents for the local stuff), juice for 10 cents and specially selected Australian red and white wines for 40 cents a glass.

It is not clear exactly what year the bar list was used by Ansett, and the overall cost of living has changed a lot in the past four decades, but those prices are still super cheap by today’s standards.

If the menu was from 1975, that 30c can of beer would cost the equivalent of around $2.17 today after inflation, according to a rough estimate by the RBA.

“No wonder they went bust with these prices,” one person commented.

“I was born too f**king late,” another said.

As well as the low prices, many people on Reddit were struck by the inclusion of cigarettes on the in-flight menu.

“Cigarettes on a flight. Yikes,” someone said.

“I’ll never forget flying Qantas as a kid up the back of the plane with the smokers for 12 hours to LAX and back,” one person commented.

“I’m just old enough to remember being in a plane when smoking was allowed,” another said.

“Only a curtain separated the smoking and non smoking sections. It was absolutely foul.”

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Australia was the first country to totally outlaw smoking on domestic flights in 1987.

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