Juniper & Hotelmize: Partnerships That Bring Innovation to the Travel and Tourism Industry

juniper hotelmize partnerships that bring innovation to the travel and tourism industry

In the past several months, we’ve seen more companies in the tourism industry implement and connect with advanced technology. In the wake of COVID-19, travel tech has proven to be more than essential.

One of the latest partnerships for the benefit of the tourism market is the collaboration between Juniper and Hotelmize.

Juniper is a well known leading travel tech company that offers cutting-edge solutions to travel organizations worldwide. Boasting a team of more than 280 experts in Internet Technology and the travel industry, the company continually brings innovation to the ever-changing tourism market.

Juniper helps clients improve their operational efficiency by providing them with highly-functional and user-friendly websites, intranets, and extranets, all custom-tailored to their needs and preferences.

With its two state-of-the-art reservation systems, Juniper Booking Engine and Cangooroo Booking Engine, the company helps clients leverage automation to improve booking and internal management processes, thus cutting costs and increasing sales.

Hotelmize is a tech startup that offers a next-generation travel tech solution for maximizing profits for hotel resellers. It helps travel companies solve all their challenges related to revenue management.

Powered by AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data, this innovative post-booking solution compares fluctuating hotel rates and predicts prices. That’s how it enables travel companies to uncover hidden revenue opportunities and boost hotel booking profits and margins.

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