Kate Middleton packs four basic beauty items to ensure she stays radiant when travelling

kate middleton packs four basic beauty items to ensure she stays radiant when travelling

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is no stranger to the jet-set lifestyle. Not only does she frequently travel around the globe as part of her duties as a member of the Royal Family, but she also grew up with two parents who worked for international airline British Airways.

As a result, it seems the mother-of-three has some nifty tricks up her sleeve when it comes to travelling efficiently.

Despite the long-haul flights and intricately planned itineraries on her royal trips, the Duchess always appears looking effortlessly stylish and pristine.

According to one insider, Kate packs four basic items with her wherever she goes to help maintain this look.

In fact, these items are so simple even the typical traveller can stock up on them without breaking the bank.

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According to Hello! magazine, both the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall are said to use the Heaven skincare line, and in particular the Bee Venom Mask.

As the name suggests, the mask uses actual bee venom to boost skin tautness.

Though the skin treatment costs a little more than a basic lip balm, it is still within reach, retailing at approximately £64.49.

Of course, along with these low-cost essentials, there are also some more luxurious additions to the Duchess’ travel assemblage.

However, this stylish addition to their global adventures does not come cheap.

According to a report by Tatler, Ms Cook Tucker once charges £300 per day, plus expenses, for the Cambridges’ trip around South East Asia.

Yet, the price is apparently very worth it, with Ms Cook Tucker having been a part of the Royal entourage for a number of years.

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