Khirsu Village: An Offbeat Gem In Uttarakhand That’s Winning Hearts With Its Captivating Beauty


Last year not much was happening for all the travelers and wanderers who love encountering the unexplored boundaries. However, the new year 2021 has brought back numerous hopes and the globetrotters are looking for impeccable places that are not popular among tourists yet. Now-a-days holidayers are enthusiastically planning their vacations, and Khirsu village in Uttarakhand is winning hearts of those who are interested in refreshing isolated escapes. If you wish to pacify your soul and mind amid the immaculate valleys of Uttarakhand then Khirsu is certainly a place where you can head in 2021!

About Khirsu Village

Khirsu village, a dreamy hamlet is surrounded by the enormous pines, oaks, and old deodar trees. Nestled at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, the serene village located in the Pauri district of Uttarakhand offers 180-degrees view of the spectacular Himalayas. The place is home to apple orchards and this lesser-known place is ideal for backpackers or those interested in spending days amid nature.

The Captivating Beauty Of Khirsu Village

According to the latest media reports, Dilip Jawalkar, the secretary of Uttarakhand Tourism said, “Uttarakhand is blessed with many beautiful and unexplored places such as Khirsu. Amid Covid, the trend of workation is booming in the state. We are constantly working to turn this pandemic into an opportunity and offer more such options to the tourists visiting Uttarakhand.”

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