Lambasingi In Summer Is All About Fun And Enjoyment! Visit In 2020 To Know Yourself

lambasingi in summer is all about fun and enjoyment visit in 2020 to know yourself

The only snow destination of South India Lambasigni, is rightly called The Kashmir Of Andhra Pradesh. The unique feature of Lambasingi is that it is the only place in the southern region that sees snowfall. Situated at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, Lambasingi is known for its beautiful valleys and chilling temperatures. The hill station is located in Visakhapatnam’s Chintapalli town. Lambasingi’s nick name is Korra Bayalu, which in translation means “if someone stays out in the open at night, by morning they would freeze like a stick!” Lambasingi is also home to an isolated tribal community that works at the pepper and coffee plantations.

Lambasingi is summer is a great place to relax and rejuvenate with friends and family. And if you too are thinking in the right direction, then here is all you need to know about Lambasingi in summer.

Weather In Lambasingi During Summer

Lambasingi has a pleasant weather all over the year as the tiny village is covered with an ethereal white mist. But the tourists visit this place to experience its snow fall. The temperature in Lambasingi goes as low as zero degree Celsius, with bouts of snowfall in the winter from November to January.Lambasingi experiences summer from April to may. The average temperatures in Lambasingi in this time period is around 32℉, which is quite comfortable.

3 Things To Do In Lambasingi In Summer

Here are a few things in Lambasingi that travelers can indulge in when on a vacation and have the best time. 

1. Sightseeing

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