Maldives Vs Thailand: Which Is A Better Honeymoon Destination?


The month or the year of your marriage cannot be decided by others. However, to help you stroll through the streets and experience an adventure, we can help you with a perfect honeymoon destination. And, we bring to you the varied Maldives vs Thailand experiences that you will have at these exotic places on earth.

The Ideal Duration For A Maldives Vs Thailand Trip

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While there are many exciting things that you can do at both these places, the ideal duration to visit the Maldives would be 7 days, while Thailand would require 10 days. Both the locations are totally exotic and will provide you with an experience that you might have never had before. Since it’s a honeymoon trip, extending your stay more than 7 and 10 days is no harm! Just depends a lot on your budget.

The 5 Romantic Things To Do In Maldives

The Maldives is known as the ‘Honeymoon Destination’. For many, it is an ideal place to begin their married lives, and for many, it is more of an adventurous trip covering the best portions of water. It totally depends upon your personality in selecting the Maldives vs Thailand for honeymoon.

Go for an exciting couple scuba diving

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One of the best adventurous things that you can do near a beach is scuba diving. While you are underwater, you experience the silence and can have a moment of time to spend with the exotic water animals and fishes. Isn’t it romantic to see an underwater life coming to visual reality? Don’t you want to explore such an amazing view with your partner? If yes, then just dive in.

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Go island hopping

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