Many urban Indians will plan a domestic holiday in the next 12 months, data finds


Even as the pandemic rages on, many Indian travellers with wanderlust are looking to plan some kind of a domestic holiday in the next 12 months, new data has revealed. The data, collected by YouGov’s Global Travel Profiles tool from across 25 countries and shared with, shows that a little more than half (51 per cent) of urbanites in India plan to holiday domestically in the next 12 months. Despite this local wanderlust, far fewer (20 per cent) plan to holiday abroad next year, and some 15 per cent of people do not intend to travel at all in the next 12 months.

And even though there is an intention to travel in the future, YouGov’s data shows many urban Indians currently feel they face twin barriers to making such trips. Over half (53 per cent) think the health risks of travelling are a barrier, while nearly four in 10 (38 per cent) think the travel restrictions they face are a hindrance to holidaying.

As mentioned earlier, the data comes from Global Travel Profiles, which is a new research tool that tracks global consumer sentiment and attitudes every day across the largest travel and tourism markets. It is created so that those in the tourism industry can analyse how to best target their audiences for growth — identifying who is ready to travel when, and what kind of travel they are planning. For this study, the results were based on a sample of around 16,000 respondents from the 25 surveyed markets, including 785 respondents from India.

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