Microwavable okonomiyaki that you can eat with one hand

Microwavable okonomiyaki that you can eat with one hand

Okonomiyaki is just the best. The Japanese open-faced crepe/pancake/pizza gives you meat and vegetables, and a sauce both sweet and savory, making it one of the world’s great fortifying comfort foods.

There is a drawback to okonomiyaki, though, in that it’s a pain to make, since it requires a bunch of different ingredients that need to be flat-grilled then flipped, stacked, or otherwise combined. As a matter of fact, we recently got our hopes dashed when we found out that one Japanese company’s “cup okonomiyaki” wasn’t a cup ramen-style instant version at all, just a few of the necessary ingredients packaged together in a cup.

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But now it looks like our prayers have been answered thanks to food company Nichirei, who’s developed okonomiyaki that’s not only super-easy to make, but to eat too, with its Okonomiyaki that you Can Eat with One Hand!

Called the Katate de Taberareru Okonomiyaki in Japanese, Nichirei has repackaged the traditional standard ingredients of okonomiyaki in a thick, palm-sized disc. Inside the outer coating of cooked okonomiyaki batter, you’ll find pork, cabbage, egg, okonomiyaki sauce, mayo, and beni shoga (pickled ginger). This is true finger food, too, since all the ingredients being self-contained means that you won’t have to worry about getting sauce on your hands.

Prep work is also a snap, as the Okonomiyaki that you Can Eat with One Hand is sold frozen in packs of four. With a 600-watt microwave, it takes just 50 seconds to have one ready to eat.

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