Mount Paektu: Everything You Need To Know About Traveling To This Majestic Mountain

mount paektu everything you need to know about traveling to this majestic mountain

Mount Paektu is the mythological origin of Korean people, which is laden with significant historical importance. A revered dormant volcano is a sacred place for both the North and South Korean demographic. The significance of the peak can be easily understood from the description of local texts that says if someone wants to know about Korea, then they will need to see Mount Paektu first. In fact, most of the travelers to the region come just to witness this magnificent creation of nature. Here is a definitive guide for you to visit the sacred mountain.

Best Time To Visit Mount Paektu?

Image SourceMount Paektu is located in a cold climatic region. The winter season lasts for almost eight months, starting from October till the end of May. This season is marked by extreme cold and making it impossible to visit. The months from late May to early September see rainfall in the region. During that time, warm and waterproof clothing is necessary to visit. The whole climate leaves the month of September to be the best time to visit Mount Paektu. The maximum temperature that you can expect here is not more than 20 degrees Celsius. You should be equipped to withstand the sudden changes in climate at such high altitudes.

Currency Exchange

The mountain is accessed from the North Korean side. So, you need to exchange your money to North Korean Won for the trip. The current exchange rate for Indian visitors is 1 KPW = 0.08 INR. It turns out to be almost 0.0011 USD.

Places To Visit Near Mount Paektu

Although, we are talking about Mount Paektu so far, there are many great sites that you can incorporate during the visit. Here is a list of the places that are typically opted by visitors.

1. Lake Chon

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