New Services And Amenities For JetBlue Mint Business Class

new services and amenities for jetblue mint business class

Though business travel – the most lucrative segment for the airline industry – is still a long way from recovering, at least one U.S. airline is reinvesting in its already popular premium cabins in an attempt to win back the few road warriors still taking to the skies. JetBlue today announced that it is going to offer new amenities, meals and services in the front of its planes, turning its Mint

Fliers will still find the same great Mint seats…it’s just the meals and amenities that are … [+] getting an upgrade.


Once known for its all-coach egalitarian ethos, JetBlue launched Mint business class service on select routes back in 2014. Mint is only available on certain Airbus A321 jets that fly flagship routes, such as between New York JFK and both Los Angeles and San Francisco, and from both New York and Boston on several Caribbean routes, among others. The cabins contain just five rows with 16 seats total, arranged in alternating rows of 2 – 2 seats and 1 – 1 seats, all of them lie-flats. The single seats also feature closing doors for added privacy.

While the seats themselves remain the same, the airline unveiled a complete makeover of its onboard amenities and services. The changes will begin rolling out on routes progressively starting tomorrow and should be in place across the Mint route network within the next six weeks.

Newly Minted Meals

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