Pandemic travelling: More sustainable choices for Indian travellers in 2021


Nobody had imagined that the pandemic would change the way we think and function so dramatically. But the change has happened, especially in the travel sector. While travelling was restricted for the longest time last year, now people have slowly started moving around once again. But, the way people explore places has now changed, if the latest research done by digital travel company is anything to go by.

It has been found that a majority of Indians have become more aware of the wider impact of their trips, with 70 per cent of travellers wanting to travel more sustainably in the future, the Future of Travel research findings reveal. The survey also reveals that 78 per cent of travellers expect the travel industry to offer more sustainable travel options to meet their goals of sustainable travel in the future.

Unfollowing the crowd

Indian travellers planning to travel in 2021 have expressed a wish to avoid other tourists, with a spike in interest towards exploring lesser-known destinations this year. Based on the research, 76 per cent will stay away from crowded tourist attractions, indicating that destinations will need to adopt new, smart crowd management measures to appease travellers.

The report further states 54 per cent will visit alternative destinations in a bid to avoid travelling during peak season, and 49 per cent will prefer alternative destinations to avoid overcrowding.

Supporting local communities

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