Recipe of the week: Almond cake with olive oils from Spain


Olive Oil is staple in any kitchen, with Spain being the world’s leading producer and exporter of the ingredient – nicknamed “liquid gold”. There are over 200 different olive tree varietals in Spain, and the versatile recipe component can be used in a variety of ways – from conserving, braising, sautéing, basting, sousing, stewing, roasting, comfiting, and marinating, to raw preparations like salads and dressings. Each olive oil is different. The flavor varies depending on the varietal of the olive, its place of growth, the degree of ripeness of the fruit, the soil type, and the climatic conditions. Pairing olive oil with specific dishes is a matter of personal taste – no different from salt, wine, or whiskey. As for a general guide, intense fruity olive oils (such as the picual, hojiblanca or cornicabra varieties) are recommended for oily fish, vegetables like broccoli, salads, and meats, among others. Light, fruity olive oils (such as the arbequina, cornicabra, empeltre or arbosana varieties) are recommended for white fish, chicken, vegetables or desserts.

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