Reset Your Body And Mind At Ultimate Swiss Chenot Palace Weggis

reset your body and mind at ultimate swiss chenot palace weggis

Opened last June, Chenot Palace Weggis is the new leading health wellness destination of the Chenot brand worldwide. Located on the idyllic shores of Lake Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland-just a short 45 minute drive from Zurich. The flagship property offers breathtaking views over the Alps and private access to the beach. Whatever the season, the Chenot Palace Weggis curates tailored programs and treatments that detox, energize and reset your body and mind.

Aerial view of Chenot Palace Weggis overlooking Lake Lucerne Roberto Pellegrini

Designed by Swiss architect Davide Macullo, the home to preventive and regenerative care combines traditional and contemporary design and architectural technique. The former Park Hotel Weggis carefully renovated was completed by a new state-of-the-art 5000 square meter medical spa. A contemporary building in perfect harmony with the old one, nothing seems to have been added. The goal was to preserve the Swiss heritage. Spectacular . 

Chenot Palace Weggis at dawn Alex Teuscher

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