Ryanair slams Which? survey as ‘fake news’ after claims of ‘lengthy’ waits for refunds

ryanair slams which survey as fake news after claims of lengthy waits for refunds

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A recent survey from consumer rights activists Which? has claimed a number of airlines left customers feeling “dissatisfied” when trying to claim refunds amid the coronavirus pandemic. Though airlines around the world were hit with a sudden onslaught of cancellations, it seems some tackled refunds much quicker than others.

According to Which? the two airlines which scored the lowest for customer “satisfaction” were budget-carrier Ryanair and transatlantic operator Virgin Atlantic.

However, both airlines have spoken out against the survey, with Ryanair going so far as to slam it as “fake news”.

Of the Ryanair customers who took part in the survey, 79 percent of respondents said they were “dissatisfied with the customer service they received while trying to get a refund.”

Of those surveyed, only one in six Ryanair passenger said they were “satisfied with their refund offer.”

Despite this, Which? noted some customers were “happy with accepting a voucher or waiting a bit longer to get their refund back.”

Meanwhile, long-haul carrier Virgin Atlantic also received some negative reviews from customers.

According to the survey, 84 percent of Virgin’s customers said they were “dissatisfied”.

Furthermore, only one in six said they were “satisfied” with their refund offer.

With the transatlantic carrier dealing specifically with long-haul journeys, the experts at Which? suggest this could be linked to the cost of tickets.

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Ryanair has slammed a recent Which? consumer ‘satisfaction’ survey (Image: Getty Images)

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