Saint Lucia to introduce tourism levy in December

saint lucia to introduce tourism levy in december

The government of Saint Lucia has passed plans for a new tourism levy following two years of consultation and development.

The levy will be introduced from December 1st and is designed to allow the island to increase its marketing budget and support tourism development.

Tourism minister, Dominic Fedee, said: “The aim is to ensure that the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) is self-sustainable.

“The former budget allocation of approximately EC$35 million can now be directed to other demanding areas within key sectors of education, national security, and health care.”

Guests staying at registered accommodation service providers will be required to pay a nightly levy.

In the two-tier system, guests will be charged US$3 or US$6 per person per night, depending on a room rate below or above US$120. 

Guests who are 12 to 17 years at the end of their stay will pay half, while the fee will not apply to children under 12 years.


Registered accommodation service providers are required to apply and collect the levy and remit to the administering authority.

In addition, with effect from December, Value Added Tax (VAT) will be reduced from ten to seven per cent for tourism accommodation service providers.

The news comes as the phased re-opening of the island continues, with the certification of 30 villas and the launch of a dine-around programme for visitors.

The further easing of certain restrictions has added more ways to enjoy their island holiday during peak winter sun season.

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