Supermarket Swag: Popular Food Brands Add Fashionable Merch

supermarket swag popular food brands add fashionable merch

Nissin Foods vends branded items to fans eager to show off their love for instant noodles.

Nissin Foods

Couch potatoes can add some carb-inspired comfort to their loungewear this season. Several popular American brands are breaking into the fashion business with the addition of merch — that is t-shirts, hats and more branded swag — for fans to wear their love for all things processed food. And it’s not just something corporate marketing experts have cooked up, it’s the American consumers eager to cozy up with branded clothing.

“Over the past year, our fans have been asking about branded merchandise, so we went to work creating items that really double down on comfort and taste – the heart of our brand,” said Megan McLaughlin, brand marketing manager at Stouffer’s. “It was a no-brainer to deliver even more comfort and coziness at a time when people need it most.” 

Mac & Cheese merch from the Stouffer’s shop


On November 17, Stouffer’s, the purveyor of popular frozen entrees like macaroni and cheese and French bread pizza, launched a merchandise store filled with cozy items: blankets made for “canoodling”, cozy adult onesies for wearing lasagna love from head to toe, warm sleeping bags perfect for catching some mac & z’s and more to pair with the brand’s comfort food. Items will be added throughout the holiday season, and available at

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