The High-End Food Delivery Service That Has Increased Its Business By 1,200 Percent

the high end food delivery service that has increased its business by 1200 percent

Custom bikes used by the high-end food delivery company Supper

London-based Peter Georgiou launched Supper in 2015, and the business has grown over 1,200 percent in recent months. With 15 Michelin-starred chefs and over 100 high-end restaurants on their books, the food is delivered on specialist Japanese scooters fitted with temperature-regulating storage boxes.

You’ve seen a surge in orders during lockdown—tell me about the logistical challenges that posed and how you accommodated the growth? In November it jumped to over 1,200 percent, year-on-year. We’ve had to scale up about four times this year. As we own all our bikes and employ all our drivers directly, it meant to cope with that scale of growth, we had to plan the year out once it started. At first, we were quite lucky, and we had a bit of capacity, but by June, we were really stretched as demand just kept growing. We had to employ drivers on a daily basis, purchase more bikes, get more head office staff and more office space, all in a lockdown scenario. Thank god, I had a great team in place. The only thing that was really prepared was the tech to be honest. That had been built for scale and managed to move as quickly as we grew.

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