The Queen’s royal train secrets revealed


December 07, 2020 – 11:20 GMT Chloe Best The Queen’s royal train: As Prince William and Duchess Catherine tour the UK, discover how the monarch travels with senior royals including Prince Charles and Camilla, and Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kicked off a three-day tour of Britain on the Queen’s royal train this weekend. While Queen Elizabeth II sometimes travels via public transport – including for her Christmas holidays at Sandringham – she also has her very own train, which she uses on special occasions throughout the year.

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The vehicle, which has been used by the royal family since 1840, is the source of much fascination and has previously been featured in Channel 5 documentary, ‘Secrets of the Royal Train’.

We take a sneak peek inside the Queen’s royal train and reveal its’ secrets…

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Which royals can travel on the Queen’s royal train?

Royals are only permitted to use the train on invitation from the monarch, and it is typically reserved for only the senior royals, including Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duke of Edinburgh. Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex became the youngest royal to accompany the Queen on the royal train in June 2018, as she carried out a day of engagements with the Queen in Cheshire.

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