This Hotel Brand Wants To Help You Lose The “Covid-15”

this hotel brand wants to help you lose the covid 15

The athletic studio at EVEN Hotel Omaha has workout equipment from a variety of major exercise … [+] brands.

IHG Hotels & Resorts

Throughout 2020, hotel companies have made drastic changes to their business to keep up with the ever-changing protocols and consumer demand due to Covid-19. EVEN Hotels, however, has stayed true to its core message of balanced, healthy living. The growing brand from InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) sees that message as more important now than ever.

EVEN wants to help travelers, whenever they are comfortable to get back out there, lose the “Covid-15” (a cheeky reference to weight gain put on while working remotely and off one’s usual routine). EVEN hotels feature guest rooms equipped with workout equipment, dining menus designed around healthy eating habits, and fitness centers larger than most hotels.

Raul Ortiz, vice president, global Holiday Inn & EVEN Hotels brand management

IHG Hotels & Resorts

According to NCBI, “Roughly 22 percent of adults report having gained weight during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lack of sleep, decreased physical activity, snacking after dinner, eating in response to stress, and eating because of the appearance and smell of food are behaviors linked to weight gain during self-quarantine.”

Raul Ortiz, vice president, global Holiday Inn & EVEN Hotels brand management, explains how a brand like EVEN is well-positioned for these uncertain times, especially when it comes to managing work-life balance.


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