Tiktok user banned from Spirit Airlines flights after posting ‘travel hack’ video

tiktok user banned from spirit airlines flights after posting travel hack video

A Tiktok user has been banned from flying with Spirit Airlines after posting a video that appeared to show a “travel hack” enabling passengers to take on a large cabin bag without paying for it.

User “robkallday”, who has more than 180,000 followers, shared a video in which he used editing software to change a Spirit Airlines boarding pass to read “1” instead of “0” under the section marked “carry-on bag”.

Much like other budget airlines, including Ryanair, Spirit Airlines charges extra for passengers to take on a large cabin bag that needs to be stored in the overhead lockers.

Rob K was suggesting travellers could bypass the fee by editing their digital boarding pass.

Titling the video “Spirit carry on hack”, Rob K made it clear that he had not used this “hack” himself, posting it alongside the caption: “Didn’t actually do this, my bag fits”.

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However, this wasn’t enough to save him from the wrath of Spirit Airlines.

In a later video, Rob K shared a letter he had received from the carrier banning him for at least the next two years.

“As you know you created a video on the social media platform TikTok showing users how to manipulate a Spirit Airlines boarding pass and fraudulently indicate they paid for a carry-on bag to the financial detriment of Spirit Airlines,” reads the letter.  

“Additionally, as evidenced in the video’s comments, you have also been advising users specifically on what cell phone application they should download to carry out the scam.

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