Top Wellness Retreats And Experiences To Plan For In 2021

top wellness retreats and experiences to plan for in 2021

Mohonk Spa Mohonk Mountain House

Wellness was trending before we were hit by the pandemic, so it is no surprise that the notion of well-being and wellness travel is top of mind for travelers in 2021. Jack Ezon, founder of Embark Beyond notes that Covid and its traumatizing effects have “magnified a wellness revolution that was already well established.” Embark Beyond’s wellness affiliate, Well Xplored, recently sold out three yoga retreats to St. Barts in less than two weeks. And, says Ezon, “about 65% of our trips that traveled in the autumn of 2020 had a wellness component or nature component to them.”

More importantly, this year-long pause has afforded the city dweller/globe-trotter/road warrior a chance to pull back and savor the peace of the outdoors and nature (both of which are free and perfect for social distancing). Below are several destinations that have nature on tap and wellness programming in place to get your mind and spirit going the right direction for 2021 and beyond.

Yoga class at Serenbe Serenbe

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