Travel Photographer Sent Scrambling When Iceberg Flipped Mid-Shot

travel photographer sent scrambling when iceberg flipped mid shot

Gray Malin will go to great lengths to get the perfect shot. Gray Malin

Gray Malin is known for his aerial photos of stunning destinations, often hanging out the side of a helicopter to capture them. But while taking pictures for his latest Antarctica series, the famous travel photographer encountered a scary moment when a nearby iceberg flipped in the middle of a shot.

He shared this story with me as part of the new photo series announcement that supports the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), an international nonprofit environmental advocacy organization. In the series, Malin used select items to provide contrast and present a larger message about our world’s changing landscape due to shifting climates. Here’s what he had to say. 

What inspired the release of these images?

“The concept behind this series was to juxtapose the icy landscape of Antarctica with summertime objects. In presenting this dichotomy, I wanted to create a larger message about our world’s changing landscape due to shifting climates. I put Antarctica’s beautiful – yet at risk – glaciers, and icebergs at the forefront of the series. Our world is at an inflection point, and I wanted to release these images now as we enter a new year with the new administration that wants to tackle climate change. In the interest of helping to give back while driving home the messaging of this series, I decided to tie a charitable component to the release and selected NRDC, a leading climate change foundation, as the beneficiary to accomplish this goal.”

What do you hope people take away from them?

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