Travellers require permit to enter Guernsey

travellers require permit to enter guernsey

This permit is legally required as of 14 January, including for Guernsey residents who are returning from the UK.

It’s part of a ban on all non-essential travel, with only certain reasons permissible for entering the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which includes Guernsey, Alderney and Sark.

Exceptions are limited to:

Critical workersFor compassionate purposes, including supporting a dependent relativeMedical treatmentAccompanying a child or vulnerable personEssential business activity which cannot be done remotelyMeeting legal obligations like attending court proceedingsAttending or returning to educationReturning residents who travelled off the island before 12 JanuaryMoving to the bailiwick where a house has already been purchased and the process of moving has begunBeginning a job already secured with a local employer or where the work is essential

Those who try to enter without a permit could be charged and fined up to £10,000.

If approved, travellers should receive their permit within 72 hours.

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Previously, travellers needed to take a Covid-19 test on day 13 after their arrival, but are now required to take a test at the border as well in order to leave self-isolation after 14 days.

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INDY/GO Weekly NewsletterTIME TO TRAVEL!

Those who decline to take a test must quarantine for three weeks.

“Those who must travel for critical or essential reasons need to work with us to protect the bailiwick from Covid-19,” said the Civil Contingencies Authority (CCA) chairman Peter Ferbrache, adding that the Channel Island was taking a “belt and braces” approach to keep residents safe.

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