Virgin Atlantic prepares for Covid-19 vaccine distribution

virgin atlantic prepares for covid 19 vaccine distribution

Virgin Atlantic’s cargo operation has unveiled new capabilities as it prepares to participate in the logistical complexities of distributing Covid-19 vaccines around the world.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has warned as many as 8,000 aircraft will be needed to distribute supplies.

To ensure the safety and security of this valuable cargo, Virgin has introduced a new Pharma Secure service for all urgent, valuable and vulnerable pharmaceutical and life sciences shipments. 

Working with their customers and responding to their specific requirements, the new product will include a 24/7 support team, automatic live status updates, proactive service recovery and periodical integrity checks, temperature-controlled facilities and a dedicated booking team.

Dominic Kennedy, managing director, Virgin Atlantic Cargo commented: “This new service takes our already well-established pharmaceutical offering to the next level.


“We want to offer our customers peace of mind so they can book confidently with us, knowing their precious cargo will arrive safely, securely and on time.

“We look forward to playing a part in supporting the Covid-19 recovery by transporting crucial vaccines and pharmaceutical products to the UK and around the world on our global network, ensuring swift access to vaccines for the public as they become available.”

He added: “Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Virgin Atlantic Cargo has played a vital role keeping global supply chains running and transporting essential goods around the world.

“They are agile and continue to innovate, bringing in new services such as Pharma Secure to respond to customer demand.

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