Volvo Penta Unveils Next Generation Yacht Control Tech To Take The Stress Out Of Docking

volvo penta unveils next generation yacht control tech to take the stress out of docking

Volvo Penta’s new Docking Assist System is designed to take the stress out of docking. Sören Håkanlind

As one of the lucky ones who’s spent a good chunk of my life on and around boats, I have to admit…I’ve had my fair share of docking drama. And as any boater will privately agree (no matter how experienced they are), there is nothing more humbling, costly, dangerous, and in many cases, embarrassing/terror-inducing than trying to dock a boat with marginal control in a tight marina. Add some current, wind and of course, a gallery of people just waiting to see some “docking drama,” and it’s easy to see why the fear of docking may be the biggest limiting factor that keeps people who want to enjoy all the freedom owning and driving a boat on land. 

But the good news is, that all may change now that Volvo Penta has unveiled their fully integrated Assisted Docking System that’s specifically designed to take the stress out of close quarters maneuvering.

It works by integrating software they developed with the company’s GPS-based Dynamic Positioning System and proprietary Inboard Performance Systems (IPS), The complete package also integrates the HMI (human-machine interface) at the helm, electronics via the engine, propulsion systems and sensors, and advanced navigation processing power for a much easier boating experience, even in rough conditions.

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