Your Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

your last minute holiday gift guide for 2020

We are here to help you shop for the avid (and aspiring) travelers still left on your holiday gift list. Take a look at our top last-minute gift ideas — curated for procrastinators, loved by travelers. If your holiday budget is tight, don’t fret, as we’ve made sure every item costs less than $100. (And if your budget is extra-tight, we’ve still got you covered with gifts under $25.)

Noise-canceling earphones are practically a prerequisite for a long-haul flight: You can lose yourself in a movie, take in a podcast about your destination, or chill out with a guided meditation. These Sony earbuds deliver superior surround sound that’s the result of five-channel acoustics that separate sound frequencies. That may seem complicated, but what you need to know is simple: You won’t hear the crying babies, bickering couples, or droning news anchors on the airport TV. 

If you’ve never found a travel pillow that really made you comfortable, the Volt heated travel pillow might be a game-changer. It emits heat right at the base of your neck, and extra-dense memory foam contours to your neck as it warms up. 

Lots of people have trouble falling asleep when they’re not in their own beds, and especially in thin-walled hotel rooms. Using Snooz, a natural white noise machine, is much better than leaving the TV on all night. Rather than the fake digital sound of a fan, this contraption has a real fan inside that provides a steady, comforting sound, but without any blowing air. And despite housing a fan, it’s small enough to tuck into your suitcase. Plus, you can control the power, volume, and scheduled shut-off times with an app.

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